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  • Recommendation Letter to Abraham Lincoln for R.K. Williams

    This letter to Lincoln recommends R.K. Williams be appointed to a federal judgeship.

  • Letter to Abraham Lincoln regarding William Millward

    This anonymous letter to Abraham Lincoln argues, in rather strong terms, against the possible appointment of William Millward as a U.S. Marshal in Eastern Pennsylvania. Millward was appointed and served in this position from 1861 to 1865.

  • Letter to Abraham Lincoln from B.B. French

    Letter from B.W. Ferguson of Washington D.C. to Abraham Lincoln. Ferguson argues that B.B. French should be appointed to a Marshalship immediately.

  • Letter to Abraham Lincoln from S.L. Lewis

    Letter from S.L. Lewis of Washington D.C. to President Abraham Lincoln regarding the appointment of a Marshal in the district. Lewis supports Ward K. Sammon, a non-resident, for the post.

  • Letter to Abraham Lincoln from Sarah Gurley

    This letter to Abraham Lincoln was written Sarah Gurley, the widow of John A. Gurley, a representative from Ohio whom Lincoln had appointed Governor of the Arizona territory prior to his death. Sarah Gurley is writing on behalf of her nephew, Joel Gurley, whom she feels has been passed over for promotions at the Treasury Department because of his lack of political connections.