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  • Little Boy's Three Piece Suit

    Child’s three piece suit consisting of knee length pants, short jacket, and white ruffled shirt. Pants and jacket made of blue velvet. Jacket has hook and eye closure at neck, quilted lining, short waist. Pants have button flap front closure, buttonholes on waist paint to secure shirt, three decorative brass buttons on side of pant leg. Shirt has pointed collar, button cuffs, ruffles on placket front, and three buttons at waist to secure to pants. Circa 1900-1929.

  • Embroidered Pink Silk Taffeta Girl's Dress, about 1905

    Pink silk taffeta dress with flowers embroidered in silk on yoke, sleeve cuffs and skirt. High neck, with ruffled lace forming stand collar. Long set-in sleeves with turnover cuffs. Yoke and drop waist with rather crude hand smocking. Short pleated skirt. Center-back opening with four mother-of-pearl buttons. Machine-sewn, but gathering on bodice is done by large hand-stitching. Some top-stitching executed in machine stitches of chain-stitch with silk thread; interior seams of cotton thread in l…

  • Boy's Suit and Blouse, 1885-1900

    According to the source of purchase, this conventional young boy's black knicker suit belonged to the Linsley Simpson family of Northford, Connecticut. Such Fauntleroy suits became popular after the publication of Frances Hodgson Burnett's "Little Lord Fauntleroy" in 1886. It is not likely that this blouse originally accompanied it - the knickers have buttonholes in the waistband for attaching a blouse waist, and this blouse has no buttons.

  • Two Piece Silk Taffeta Girl's Outfit, about 1892

    Two-piece outfit consisting of pleated skirt and jumper-style bodice with long-sleeved, tucked white cambric chemisette. Skirt and bodice of silk taffeta, printed blue with brown spots. Bodice stand collar, fall collar, cuffs and hem trimmed with machine lace. Opens center-back with 22 mother-of-pearl buttons. Skirt stiffened with buckram lining. Machine-sewn except for hand-stitched hem. Dressmaker made. This fashionable young lady's bodice and skirt is notable for its exquisite construction an…

  • Boy's Tweed Jacket, 1880-1900

  • Girl's Dress, about 1895

    This is an interesting use of cotton chambray and tow cloth. A typically comfortable, casual dress for a girl around the turn of the century. Basting remains visible on the front of the dress.

  • Girl's Dress, 1900-1915

    This is a nice dress for a young girl, perfect for school wear; it has the "pouch" that was popular in the early 20th Century. It is quite worn, well-used and well-washed.

  • Girl's Wrap, about 1895

    This young lady's wrapper comes from the Scull family of Somerset County, Pennsylvania, and was possibly worn by the daughter or granddaughter of Louise Ogle Scull. It appears to be an informal garment, used first thing in the morning. The train in the back is interesting - perhaps it was for a young woman who was rather short. The sleeves, which have some interesting piecing, indicate a circa 1895 date of manufacture. The vermicular printed fabric pattern is reminiscent of circa-1840 roller pri…