Two Piece Silk Taffeta Girl's Outfit, about 1892


Two-piece outfit consisting of pleated skirt and jumper-style bodice with long-sleeved, tucked white cambric chemisette. Skirt and bodice of silk taffeta, printed blue with brown spots. Bodice stand collar, fall collar, cuffs and hem trimmed with machine lace. Opens center-back with 22 mother-of-pearl buttons. Skirt stiffened with buckram lining. Machine-sewn except for hand-stitched hem. Dressmaker made. This fashionable young lady's bodice and skirt is notable for its exquisite construction and the way it mimics adult women's fashions of the time. It is made of silk - normally an impractical fabric for children. The false jumper princess-line style was popular from 1880-1900. The outfit belonged to the Cutler family of Detroit, Michigan.

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