• Women's rose satin pumps with rhinestone buckle from the late '20s or early '30s

    A pair of woman's round toe, rose satin pumps trimmed at vamp with rhinestone buckle. Label: B. Siegel, Detroit, Shoes for the Occasion.

  • Women's black Persian lamb hat from the 1930s

    This woman's black Persian lamb hat is without a brim, is creased at its top, and has a 2 1/4 inch grosgrain ribbon around its outside. The hat has a rounded point in front, and is lined in back with black satin.

  • Long sleeved dress of black wool from the 1930s

    This long sleeved woman's dress of black wool wool has a "V" shaped front insert of black Persian lamb at the neckline as well as a similar insert in back from neck to hemline. There are two square gold buttons 1 1/4" at shoulder on left side. The dress has a waist line with a fold of material down left side and pleats hooked by ribbon on inside. The left side fastening has seven eyes and one hook. The belt has two gold buttons, and a leather lining. The matching black Persian lamb, short…

  • Women's black wool and amber brown mink coat from the 1930s

    Woman's black wool and amber brown mink coat. It has a wide mink collar which can be worn up or spread out. The cape is also edged with mink. There are three lines of tucks running diagonally across the coat and on the cape and cuffs. It has side buttons. Label: "An Original Design by Peggy Hoyt, N.Y." Dated 10/20/32.

  • Women's silver leather sandals from the 1930s

    Woman's silver leather sandals with closed toe and heel, and open sides. The shoes have a strap buckle across the top. The leather is ridged and gives the effect of gathers across top of the front. Thick, 2 3/4" heel. Labels: Made exclusively for Metatarsal Footrest Shop, N.Y., and Foot Security, Supports the Metatarsal.

  • Women's black velvet and ermine cape from the 1930s

    This woman's black velvet and ermine cape is comprised of a straight tube of black velvet that is a below- knee-length. It is lined with white satin in a rice-paper pattern. The cape has armholes at shoulders, and a wide shawl collar of white ermine. It dips down in back to below waist length, and a band of ermine runs down the front to the hem. The collar is lined with black satin, and the velvet inner-lined with white wool. The cape is without fastenings though they may have been removed.…