Long sleeved dress of black wool from the 1930s


This long sleeved woman's dress of black wool wool has a "V" shaped front insert of black Persian lamb at the neckline as well as a similar insert in back from neck to hemline. There are two square gold buttons 1 1/4" at shoulder on left side. The dress has a waist line with a fold of material down left side and pleats hooked by ribbon on inside. The left side fastening has seven eyes and one hook. The belt has two gold buttons, and a leather lining. The matching black Persian lamb, short cape has a small pointed collar. The cape has a black tassel near its collar to hook the cape. A fold of V-shape material is along the back. The back length is 30.5". There is a label on the inside of the collar that reads: Julie, Inc. Fisher Building, Detroit.

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