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  • Three Quarter Length Silk Jacquard Evening Jacket, 1935-1939

    Two-button, 3/4-length silk jacquard jacket with pattern depicting nightclub scene with women in red, blue, and green evening wear; men in black. Weave incorporates metallic threads of gold and silver. Clothing label: BERGDORF-GOODMAN/5TH AVENUE. This is an iconic piece in which the fabric is woven into a pattern that upon close examination reveals fashionable socialites at a cocktail party. It is a most unusual fabric design.

  • Wine Colored Velvet Evening Dress, 1940

    Dress of wine-colored velvet with intertwining serpentine cut-out design over wine net; gold/navy blue lame shows through cut-outs. Serpentine figuring is smaller at bustline and larger at hem. Heart-shaped bodice with spaghetti straps and raised waistline. Clothing label on dress: Jean Patou/PARIS. Clothing label on gold underdress: BERGDORF-GOODMAN/FIFTH AVENUE AT 58TH STREET. Handwritten on tag sewn on back of label: Mrs. H. Fireston/10-16-40/64211. This garment was owned by Mrs. Harvey Fires…