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Wine Colored Velvet Evening Dress, 1940


Dress of wine-colored velvet with intertwining serpentine cut-out design over wine net; gold/navy blue lame shows through cut-outs. Serpentine figuring is smaller at bustline and larger at hem. Heart-shaped bodice with spaghetti straps and raised waistline. Clothing label on dress: Jean Patou/PARIS. Clothing label on gold underdress: BERGDORF-GOODMAN/FIFTH AVENUE AT 58TH STREET. Handwritten on tag sewn on back of label: Mrs. H. Fireston/10-16-40/64211. This garment was owned by Mrs. Harvey Firestone of Detroit, Michigan.The velvet portion of this dress was made by Jean Patou and the gold lame cloth that shows through the cut-outs is from Bergdorf-Goodman. This is very unusual - perhaps it was put together by Mrs. Firestone.

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