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Date: 1780
  • Morning Dress, 1780-1795

  • Waistcoat, about 1780-1840

    Maybe an under waistcoat, worn under other waistcoast as it is very plain and there is original piecing at side front, indicating the sides would not have been seen.Inserted panel at side seams.Worn by a member of the Mitchell family of New York State.

  • Child's Dress, 1780-1830

    This dress, which belonged to the Hungerford family of rural New York State and could have been worn by a girl or boy, has features dating from a broad span of years. The bodice is constructed to reflect, in very simple form, a woman's bodice with a faux busk pocket or channel in the center front, which seems more late eighteenth than early nineteenth century. It appears to be a bit later than the collection's other woodblock-printed Mitchell family dress (object no. 35.894.1).

  • Trousers, about 1780-1830

    Expensive heavyweight fabric work pants worn over trousers to protect fine clothing from abrasion during riding.The trousers are a very rare survival.