• Women's black suede and patent leather pumps from the late '20s or early '30s

    A pair of woman's black suede and patent leather pumps. The shoes are trimmed with patent leather pleats. Label: Saks Fifth Avenue.

  • Evening gown of ecru lace from the 1930s

    This women's evening gown of ecru lace with ecru chiffon underskirt is sleeveless with wide shoulder straps and a scoop neckline front and back. It has a wide lace collar or ruffle with a scalloped edge which covers the bodice front and back. The plain, flared skirt is ankle length. It has a wide suede belt covered by the same ecru lace, with a rhinestone buckle. There is a loose, waist length jacket with short sleeves having wide mink fur cuffs. It is scalloped around the entire edge and …

  • Women's brown and beige leather shoes from the 1930s

    A pair of woman's brown and beige leather shoes with 2" heels, and brown lace ties. The tongue and shoe insteps are beige. The right shoe is marked inside with crossed S's, and The Stetson Shoe.

  • Women's black suede shoes from the late 1930s or early 1940s

    This pair of woman's black suede shoes has leather heels and toes. The toes are a rounded-square shape, and the shoes have T-straps, side buckles, and 2 1/2" heels. Label: Fashion Step, TradeMark Flexible Shoes, Smart Style, Arch Comfort, Metatarsal Cushion.