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  • Pendant, about 1890-1915

    Originating in France and achieving its highest point of popularity between 1892-1902, the Art Nouveau movement was showcased at the Paris Exposition in 1900.Art Nouveau emphasized craftsmanship rather than mass production and put more importance on design rather than material.The main characteristic of an Art Nouveau piece is a dynamic, undulating, and flowing curved whiplash line of syncopated rhythm.

  • Hat, about 1915

    This light weight hat was likely worn seasonally in the spring and summer. It has two labels, one sewn over the other. They likely represent the manufacturer or designer and retailer of the hat, but it is unclear which is which.

  • Hat, about 1919

  • Girl's Dress, 1900-1915

    This is a nice dress for a young girl, perfect for school wear; it has the "pouch" that was popular in the early 20th Century. It is quite worn, well-used and well-washed.

  • Cloche, 1915-1925

    Born in Decatur, Illinois in 1897 Elizabeth Parke married Harvey S. Firestone Jr., son of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company founder Harvey S. Firestone, in 1921.Once described by a friend as, "the most luxurious woman in the history of luxury," Elizabeth Parke Firestone's clothing collection illustrates her impeccable taste in fashion.