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: 1880
  • Empty envelopes

    Group of nine envelopes, many of which include addresses, stamps, and notes.

  • Rebel John

    Handwritten poem about "Rebel John"

  • Letter from Eloy Rufs to Henry and Willis Van Riper

    Letter from Eloy Lane Rufs to Henry and Willis Van Riper discussing family life, farming, price of food and inquiring about the well being of other family members

  • Letter from John Van Riper to Alexander Van Riper

    Letter from John Van Riper to his Brother Alexander inquring about various members of the family and discussing day to day life

  • Letter from Alexander van Riper to Henry and Willis Van Riper

    Very brief letter from Alexander Van Riper to Henry and Willis Van Riper

  • Letter from Alexander to Henry Van Riper

    The letters that date from the Civil War era discuss the daily realities of solider life such as illness, homesickness, and camp life. Also of topic are battles and other important Civil War events, including the burning of Atlanta and the assassination of President Lincoln. Letters written during these years by family members who did not join the infantry reveal the impact the war had on those at home. In these letters they discuss their concerns and feelings surrounding the war as well as r…

  • New York. Buffalo. Harbor. with. Showing boats anchored in harbor. sketch. copy. 1 neg

    Walter P. Reuther Library, Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs, Wayne State University

  • Listen to the Mocking-Bird

    Ephemera, printed version of Listen to the Mocking-Bird by Alice Hawthorne

  • Street Railway; History. About 1880.

    Walter P. Reuther Library, Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs, Wayne State University

  • Letter from Alexander Van Riper to Henry Van Riper

    Letter from Alexander Van Riper to Henry Van Riper inquiring about family members at home and discussing camp, when he might be home and news about the war, including that Grant has taken Vicksburg.

  • Letter from Old, Bach to Friends

    Letter from Old Bach to his friends talking about never marrying and advising his audience to marry young

  • Wayne State University; Buildings; College of Education, Historical

    Circa 1880s. Capital High School. Built in 1875, used this building 1881-1888

  • Petit-point Handbag

    Petit-point handbag with floral motif needlepoint, front and back. Square frame, brass trim, and jewel accents. Metal chain to carry on wrist, mirror and pockets inside bag. Circa 1880-1939.

  • Two Piece Floral Print Dress

    Two piece dress consisting of long skirt and long sleeved top. Ecru in color with floral print. Skirt is ecru with floral print panel outer skirt and bustle. Top has floral print panels in front and back, with leg-o-mutton style sleeve in ecru with floral print fabric, lace and ruffles on lower 1/3 of sleeve. High collar with piping, lavender fabric inner ruffle, front pleats with lace, boning, and covered buttons. Wide lace at waist. Circa 1880-1889.

  • Wedding Gown: Wedding Dress

    Two piece woven ivory silk beaded wedding dress. Top features short sleeves with lace flounces, lace also around neck and down the front. Bodice has ten round buttons down front, each with crocheted covering. Extensive beading on front and side panels of skirt, knife pleats at waist, long train. Handmade lace. Originally work in 1884, altered 1904 and again in 1934. Except for part of the lower part of the skirt train, the dress in good condition. Dress stored with amber necklace wrapped in…

  • Two Piece Beaded Dress

    Two piece dress set consisting of skirt and top, sepia brown in color. Long skirt is lined with decorative ruffle at hem, front pleats, and bustle. Top is weskit style with stand-up collar, long set-in sleeves, fitted waist, boning, and inner closure at waist. Bodice has twenty three round buttons down front, each with crocheted covering; also, extensive beading on cuffs, neckline, and down the front. Owen, Detroit, circa 1880s.

  • Long Lace Shawl

    Long triangular lace net wrap or shawl, heavily decorated with flowers and leaves, scalloped edge, black in color. Circa 1880-1929.

  • Vest, 1850-1880

  • Girl's Dress, 1880-1885

    Straight, low-waisted, heavily knife-pleated girl's silhouette dresses were very common in the early 1880's; men's suit fashions were also often reflected in women's clothing of the period.

  • Women's Shoes, about 1875

    These are interesting shoes; likely a transitional shoes style popular just after the Civil War. They are machine sewn, but retain the straight soles that fall from favor shortly after the war. These are inexpensive, sturdy women's shoes worn by the ordinary housekeeper.