• Aunt Dorothy: an old Virginia plantation-story

    This 1890 edition of "Aunt Dorothy: an old Virginia plantation-story" was written by Margaret J. Preston.

  • Brave Old Salt: or, Life on the quarter deck. A story of the great rebellion

    This 1866 edition of "Brave old salt, or, Life on the quarter deck: a story of great rebellion" was written by Oliver Optic (i.e. W. T Adams).

  • When foes lie in ambush

    Description based on print version record.

  • In the face of doom

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  • The brand of Cain

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  • In the nick of time

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  • Afraid of the open

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  • A relentless pursuit

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  • Centennial notes

    This 1876 edition of "Centennial notes" was written by A.L. Carter.

  • Enoch Crosby; or, the spy unmasked: A tale of the American Revolution

    This 1842 edition of "Enoch Crosby; or, the spy unmasked. A tale of the American Revolution" was published by U.P. James, Cincinatti. This book is based upon the facts that were narrated by Enoch Crosby to H.L. Barnum.

  • History of Corporal Murray, of the fifth regiment, United States Infantry

    Cover title.

  • Indian folk tales

    The electronic version of this item was provided by the Wayne State University Library System and is freely accessible through the Wayne State University Libraries Digital Collections.

  • Life of General George Washington: late President of the United States of America, and commander in chief of their armies, during the revolutionary war

    First edition, London, 1800.

  • "Old Jack" and his foot-cavalry: or, A Virginian boy's progress to renown. A story of the war in the Old Dominion

    The electronic version of this item was provided by the Wayne State University Library System and is freely accessible through the Wayne State University Libraries Digital Collections.

  • Independent man: the life of Senator James Couzens

    First published in 1958 by Charles Scribner’s Sons, Independent Man is the only book-length biography of one of Michigan’s most remarkable men. His many careers embraced both the business and political spheres.

    Couzens was a prominent businessman who helped shape Ford Motor Company, but he left the company when he and Henry Ford clashed over politics. Upon leaving Ford, Couzens began his political career, first serving as Detroit’s police commissioner. He went on to a controversial term as ma…

  • The iron hunter

    Originally published in 1919, The Iron Hunter is the autobiography of one of Michigan's most influential and flamboyant historical figures: the reporter, publisher, explorer, politician, and twenty-seventh governor of Michigan, Chase Salmon Osborn (1860-1949). Making unprecedented use of the automobile in his 1910 campaign, Osborn ran a memorable campaign that was followed by an even more remarkable term as governor. In two years he eliminated Michigan's deficit, ended corruption, and produced t…

  • Maurice Sugar: law, labor, and the left in Detroit, 1912-1950

    It was Maurice Sugar, labor activist and lawyer for the United Auto Workers, who played a key role in guiding the newly-formed union through the treacherous legal terrain obstructing its development in the 1930s. He orchestrated the injunction hearings on the Dodge Main strike and defended the legality of the sit-down tactic. As the UAW's General Council, he wrote the union's constitution in 1939, a model of democratic thinking. Sugar worked with George Addes, UAW Secretary-Treasurer, to nurture…

  • All-American anarchist: Joseph A. Labadie and the labor movement

    All-American Anarchist chronicles the life and work of Joseph A. Labadie (1850-1933), Detroit's prominent labor organizer and one of early labor's most influential activists. A dynamic participant in the major social reform movements of the Gilded Age, Labadie was a central figure in the pervasive struggle for a new social order as the American Midwest underwent rapid industrialization at the end of the nineteenth century.

    This engaging biography follows Labadie's colorful career from …

  • American aliya: portrait of an innovative migration movement

    The major focus is on the who, when, and where of American immigration to Israel, but it is the "why" of this aliya which constitutes the core of the book. Waxman analyzes the relationship between Zionism, aliya, and the Jewish experience. Chapters include "Zion in Jewish culture," a synopsis of Zionism through the years, and "American Jewry and the land of Israel in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries," an account of proto-Zionist ideas and movements in early America.

    Chaim I. Wa…

  • John Jacob Astor: business and finance in the early republic

    John Jacob Astor was the best-known and most important American businessman for more than a half-century. His career encompassed the country's formative economic years from the precarious days following the American Revolution to the emergence of an urban-centered manufacturing economy in the late 1840s. Change was the dominant motif of the period, and Astor either exemplified the varied economic, social, and political changes in his business career or he directly affected the course of event…