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  • Denim Jacket, about 1973

    Worn by the son of Elenore Lehmann Herkommer of Beverly Hills, Michigan, this is a great example of a young boy's waist-length jean jacket of the 1970s, when mass-produced rugged wear formerly reserved for the farm and ranch became fashionable casual wear among all social classes. Patches with a variety of images and slogans were a popular way of personalizing and adding visual interest to a piece, even if the wearer did not necessarily grasp their meanings (Schlitz, for example, was a popular b…

  • Women's pantsuit evening ensemble from the 1980s

    This is a woman's pantsuit evening ensemble. The cardigan jacket and shell are completely covered in sequins and beads to suggest the cables of traditonal knit tennis wear. The V-neck cardigan has a 1.25" wide decorative band of blue thread, green sequins, and red and white beads that extends around the neck and down the center front. The long sleeves have bead covered cuffs. The jacket has five gold buttons for its center front closure. It has a 2.75" wide beaded band at the hem, shoulder p…