• Letter from Catharine Myers to Abraham Lincoln, Forwarded to Thaddeus Stevens

    This letter from Catherine Myers to Abraham Lincoln requests that her son be discharged from the army. Lincoln forwarded the letter to Thaddeus Stevens, who approved the discharge. Lincoln was regularly sent requests for discharges and pardons. This can be seen in the last section of this item, where Lincoln initially wrote "Pardon," but then crossed it out and wrote "Discharged."

  • Letter to Abraham Lincoln from Arthur O. Brickman

    This letter was written by Arthur O. Brickman to Abraham Lincoln regarding his appointment as Chaplain to First Maryland Regiment of Cavalry. Brickman had been elected to this role, but, due to circumstances, was not mustered. He had been serving in this role unofficially, and is requesting that Lincoln appoint him to the role. Brickman refers to other men involved in this issue, including Major General John A. Dix and General Simon Cameron. Brickman also describes his pro-Union activ…