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  • A basketball player, #16, attempts a layup.

    Walter P. Reuther Library, Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs, Wayne State University

  • 1948-1949 Portrait Basketball Team.

    Back: F. Mulhauser (Coach), S. Adams, R. Hoffman, F. Simmons, R. Pershing, R. Langas, C. Theodore, E. Futrell (Coach) [mentioned as Asst. Coach in 37003]. Front: L. Colter, E. Zang, J. Tolwinski, J. Kastran, J. Seppla.

  • 1948-1949 Portrait Basketball Team with insets.

    Insets: Charles Frankel, Noah Brown. Back: Joel Mason (Coach), Edward Futrell (Asst. Coach), Dick Hall, Charles Dubas, Phil Stewart, James Rucinski, George Shuk, Arthur Swerdlow (Student Mgr.). Front: Robert Conibear, Nick Kluck, Al Guzzo, Lloyd Adelson, Ronald Condon, Donald Sherrod.