• 1927 Tennis Team. Simms, Brayton, Spencer, MacKenzie, Moss.

    Not in picture - L. Stein, F. Jerome, M. Kean, T. Cauley.

  • Football 1930.

    Back: Boglarsky, Selzer, Evans, Jamieson, Backus, Seifferlein, Ganz, Miehm, Hammond, Nieman, Dues, N.G. Wann (Coach). Middle: Badger, Prussian, Becker, Seros, Birney, Wise, Dacidson, Weiss, Koefgen, Philip, Mumma, Monterosso. Front: Myers (Mgr.), Michaelson, Russel, Roseman, Turin, Welch, Barr, Boillotat (Asst Mgr.).

  • College of the City of Detroit track 1928-1929.

    Back: D.L. Holmes (Coach), Green, Hickman, Silber, Lewis, Lowenstein, Spathelf, Langs, Streng, Lantry, Beauvais, DeRose (Mgr.). Front: Cutler, Wainer, Sabin, Nosanchuk, Weiswasser, Josselson, Duncan.

  • Cross Country 1932. Won 7 straight, undefeated.

    Back: Cousineau, Bibin, Cantine, Brooks, Traynor, Robinwitz, D.L. Holmes (Coach). Front: Mantante (Mgr.), Kaminski, Chesquierre, Leach, Jaworski.

  • Jaworski, Leach, Cantine, Caminsky, Brooks, Traynor. Undefeated.

    Cross Country 1932. The six players are holding hands as they run.

  • Track 1932.

    Back: Pinski, Whiteford, Robinson, Rabinowitz, Framke, D.L. Holmes, Schwartz, Fitzgerald, Seip, Swanson, Lysagt, Lewis, Shapiro, Nosanchuk, Segerman, Lumsden. Middle: M. Brooks, Bailor, Jamkowski, Langtry, Russell, Parker, Schelter, Dobbins, cannell, Mandelaris, Pomeray. Front: Traynor, Tuzzolino, Goldstein, Brewer, Gaba, Lawrenz, Jenkins, Tryous. An athletic fieldhouse is in the background.