• 1920-1923 Packard touring cars, parked in front of Packard used car dealership

    8x10 black and white photograph showing row of 1920-1923 Packards on street, men standing next to each car. "Stroh's Temperance Beer" sign in background. Inscribed on photo back: line-up of Packard 3-35s, third series twin-six (produced 8/1919-6/1923, oft called fourth series), 12-cylinder, 90-horsepower, 136-inch wheelbase, 7-person touring car (body type #194), photographed out back of Packard's East Grand Blvd Detroit, Mich., in front of the factory used car/truck department.

  • 1928 Packard special radio vans built for U.S. Department of Commerce

    8x10 black and white Packard Co. file photograph of two 1928 Packards three-quarter left front view, buildings in background. Inscribed on photo back: Packard 443, standard eight (produced 7/1/1927-8/1/1928), fourth series eight, 8-cylinder, 106-horsepower, 143-inch wheel base, special radio van, built for U.S. Department of Commerce, photographed in front of Packard dealership.