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  • Lime Green Dress with Embroidered Overlay

    Mid-length lime green chiffon dress, beige neckline facing on bodice and 2 inch shoulder straps, heavily embroidered beige net overlay, crepe lining, hook and eye closure. Circa 1920-1929.

  • Olive Green Dress

    Full Length velvet dress, olive green in color with a sash, and light tan inset blouse with bow tie at neck. ¾ length set in sleeves, free hanging pockets. Circa 1920-1929.

  • Purple Velvet Dress

    Sleeveless dress made of purple velvet with smocking at center waist, drop waist, velvet belt, white lace and net bodice. Circa 1920-1929.

  • Black Silk Beaded Dress

    Black silk short sleeve dress with square neckline, beaded chiffon over-blouse and over-skirt, floral motif. Circa 1920-1929.

  • Ivory Satin Flapper Dress

    Flapper dress made of ivory satin, V-neck in front and back, drop waist with shirring, gathered skirt, and two large satin and lace flowers at hip. Vertical shirring also at sides, front, and rear. Circa 1920-1929.

  • Black and Bronze Evening Coat

    Black and bronze evening coat with a black fur collar. Vine motif print fabric, red velvet lining. Circa 1920-1929.

  • Long Black V-Neck Robe

    Women’s long black robe, possibly made of silk and lined. Heavy pleats around neckline and wrist cuffs. Heavy braided roping with tassles extends from bottom of V-neck to underside of long gusseted sleeve near cuff. Circa 1920-1929.

  • Large Floral Embroidered Shawl

    Large shawl or wrap, ecru in color with floral embroidery using pasyel thread colors. Features very large embroidered flowers toward the four corners. Features crocheted edge trimmed with fringe. Circa 1920-1929.

  • Floral Embroidered Shawl

    White or ecru wrap shawl heavily embroidered in bright colors with flowers in center and a large embroidered flower in each corner. Features crocheted edge trimmed with fringe. Circa 1920-1929.

  • Two Piece Long Sleeve Dress

    Two piece long sleeve dress, navy blue in color. Tan chiffon around V-neck with fabric ruffles at bottom V on front and small fabric covered buttons in center; the sleeve cuffs have the same details. Gentle pleats at shoulders, as well as a heavily pleated skirt. Panel of pleats in center front of skirt approximately 5-6 inches higher. Empire waist, straight underskirt of navy blue, invisible pockets. Second piece of set is a navy blue knit shawl with pleated look around hem and front panel…

  • Women's white kid pumps from the early twentieth century

    This pair of woman's white kid pumps have high vamps trimmed with kid-covered buckles. Label: R.H. Fyfe & Co., Detroit.

  • Women's white satin pumps from the early twentieth century

    A pair of woman's white satin pumps with a pointed toe, and curved heel. Pointed toes. The instep is decorated with white satin, clear glass beads, and five rhinestones. Label: Kline's, St. Louis, Kansas City, Detroit, Cincinnati.

  • Women's high laced, black kid shoes from the early twentieth century

    This pair of woman's high laced, black kid shoes has Cuban heels. They are lined with white cotton. Lynn, Mass. Grover Comfort Street Shoe. Sole is stamped: Grover, Combination Comfort Shoe. Right shoe has tag: Frank and Seder Co., of Detroit. Original price tag of $8.95.

  • Navy crepe maternity dress from the early twentieth century

    This navy crepe women's maternity dress has long sleeves with cuffs, is gathered at the waist by an elastic and has navy blue floss embroidered trim. The top is collarless in front and has an 8" collar in back. The dress is fastened by several sets of hooks and eyes around the waist band. The ankle length skirt has a flying panel at the front attached to a yoke band, and the peplum is attached at the back. There is a 24" band around the waist which hooks under the flying panel in front.

  • Women's silver pumps with rhinestone buckle from the 1920s

    A pair of woman's silver pumps with a flap in the front that is covered by a large square rhinestone buckle. The shoes have a rather pointed toe. Label: McBryde Boot Shop, Detroit.

  • Women's high laced, white suede/buck sports shoes from the 1920s

    A pair of woman's high laced, white suede/buck sports shoes. Their tops are plain, and the shoes are embellished with a perforated strip design, and have leather soles, and low stacked leather heels. Large size. Never worn. One inch heel. Label: Frank Brothers Fifth Ave. N.Y. Date of 4/26/20 on left sole.

  • Women's dark brown satin pumps from the 1920s

    A pair of woman's dark brown satin pumps, with a band of light brown satin that runs across top of shoes and down each side. The front flaps are covered with large steel bead buckles on front. 2 1/2" high heel. Label inside B. Siegel and Co., Detroit.

  • Women's gray kid high laced shoes from the 1920s

    Woman's gray kid high laced shoes. Chunky heels. Label: Wm. E. Hintz, 1520 Broadway, Detroit, Mich. Hintz was listed as a custom shoemaker in the 1923 City directory. Came with gray moire "toe-fillers" to keep the shoe in shape. One gray moire zipper shoe bag with black silk separator for each shoe. Note: Broadway St. was called Miami until 1907. In 1920 all street numbers in the city were changed, and 1520 was among those new numbers.

  • Women's wine color, two piece wool suit from the early twentieth century

    Woman's wine color, two piece wool suit, having a three quarter length coat/jacket with a large square collar of wine velvet that is edged with black fur. The coat/jacket's sleeves are tightly fitted with wide cuffs of velvet and fur to match the collar. Additionally, the fitted coat/jacket has a loose flap-like peplum, and three pleats at each side of the waist. Dark, plain wood buttons are down the front of the jacket and serve as a decoration on the peplum, and at each side of the back. …

  • Black and white check cotton maternity dress from the 1920s

    Woman's black and white check cotton, maternity dress. It has elbow-length sleeves trimmed with attached cuffs of white barred lawn that have embroidered black yarn dots, two rows of hemstitching, and are piped with the black and white cotton. An attached half belt snaps in front. The dress has a patch pocket on each side of the skirt front. Each pocket is trimmed with a flap similar to the cuffs and collar. Label: The Matinee.