• Brassiere, about 1930

    The lack of elastic (except for securing buttons), padding or complicated construction suggests it dates to the early 1930s."Uplift" bandeau brassieres featured throughout the decade.

  • Shoes, about 1928

    These shoes were custom made to match a turquoise chiffon and satin evening gown (object number 89.492.559), made by Peggy Hoyt for Mrs. Firestone in May 1928. Edward Cohen was a preferred shoemaker for Elizabeth Parke Firestone in the 1920s. Born in Decatur, Illinois in 1897 Elizabeth Parke married Harvey S. Firestone Jr., son of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company founder Harvey S. Firestone, in 1921.Once described by a friend as, "the most luxurious woman in the history of luxury," Elizabeth Pa…

  • Chiffon Chemise Dress with Shawl Collar, 1929

    Aqua chiffon chemise dress with off-white lace shawl collar with pleated, scalloped edge. Chiffon skirt made of two panels that cross-over on either side, each with an inset with same pleated lace as collar. Bow on left hip. Attached silk crepe slip edged with same chiffon as dress. Clothing label: Peggy Hoyt/16 EAST 55TH ST. NEW YORK. Handwritten on back of label: Russell Firestone/No. 2327/6-17-29/REPETTI. Russell Firestone was Harvey S. Firestone's brother and Mrs. Firestone's brother-in-law.…

  • Beaded and Embroidered Georgette Evening Dress, 1928-1929

    Pink georgette dress embroidered with aqua and silver bugle beads and rhinestones. Rhinestone bow at base of V-shaped neckline. Dropped waistline and uneven scalloped hemline. Very deep, curved V-shaped neckline in back. This dress is not labeled, but the design suggests that it might be a Peggy Hoyt.

  • Beaded Silk Chiffon Evening Dress, about 1924

    Off-white silk chiffon dress. Sleeveless, with V-neckline in front and back. Scattered rhinestones on upper portion. Center/waistline embroidered in floral pattern with silver sequins, silver bugle beads, silver threads, silver spherical beads, rhinestones. Between embroidery and hem are seven rows of diagonally-applied silver beaded fringe. Hemline edged with rhinestones and silver beads. Clothing label: Deneke/Akron, O.