• Trousers, about 1820-1850

    Worn by a member of the Mitchell family of New York State.Used on an everyday basis for hard work.

  • Waistcoat, about 1780-1840

    Maybe an under waistcoat, worn under other waistcoast as it is very plain and there is original piecing at side front, indicating the sides would not have been seen.Inserted panel at side seams.Worn by a member of the Mitchell family of New York State.

  • Vest, about 1790

    A rare survival of a winter or fall waistcoat used for hunting or sporting underneath a jacket.It seems likely the bright red color was akin to the orange vest used by hunters today.An expensive piece and few have survived.

  • Breeches, about 1800-1825

  • Frock Coat, about 1770-1780

    Exquisite frock coat from about the time of the American Revolution.Silk imported from England.Styling typical of the 1770s, great curved foreparts and heavy cuffed sleeves.Pink brocade and pink taffeta reminds us of the colorful dress of males in the 18th century. The chain stitching (ca. 1860) and newer fabrics indicate that repairs to the coat are later 19th century. The coat was probably used as theater costume in the 19th and 20th centuries.

  • Waistcoat, about 1830

    A remarkable example of French embroidery executed with dyed and flattened moosehair.The Upper Great Lakes Natives employed moosehair embroidery work on their goods; however, they clearly adopted French styles here for trade to Europeans.Canadian museums contain a few similar examples, but this is rather rare.

  • Waistcoat, about 1805-1815

    Rather dirty, but still handsome early 19th century (Empire) waistcoat, with typical high stand collar and short straight foreparts.Exquisite hand done backstitching.White on white embroidery popular in this era.Tab at center back might possibly be for hangingon a knob or peg.

  • Frock Coat, about 1830-1850

    Plain yet attractive frock coat, probably used for some special occassion in a rural community.

  • Jacket, about 1800-1825

    A fine early (Empire) 19th century men's jacket, likely worn with tight fitting pantaloons.

  • Trousers, about 1810-1830

  • Trousers, about 1800-1820

  • Waistcoat, about 1780-1820

    The form of the waistcoat appears to be late 18th century, but some of the other features are early 19th century.Very coarse linen cotton lining and back fabric.Embroidered in the piece. This waistcoat is slightly padded all along the front panel.The waistcoat was used for winter wear.