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  • Herman Miller 64903 Low Desk

    This Roll-Top Desk, in the collection of the Oakland Museum of California, is made of wood and sits on a base with an aluminum footrail. The desk consists of a work surface with vinyl edging and laminated while the sides are painted electric blue. The tambour top contains a file bin with four royalite drawers all in oil brown ash. This product number, 64903, with electric blue desk ends was discontinued after 1967. Herman Miller Trade Name: 64903 Low Desk Herman Miller Series: Action Office …

  • Herman Miller 64916 High Desk?/Prototype?

    This Desk, in the collection of the Public Museum of Grand Rapids, consists of two 'T' shaped, polished aluminum legs and a chrome-plated footrail which support a white, laminate work surface that is edged in white vinyl. The desk is complete with a roll top cover of oil walnut and a molded wood shelf. Herman Miller Trade Name: 64916 High Desk?/Prototype? Herman Miller Series: Action Office I Product Number: 64916