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  • Women's silver pumps with rhinestone buckle from the 1920s

    A pair of woman's silver pumps with a flap in the front that is covered by a large square rhinestone buckle. The shoes have a rather pointed toe. Label: McBryde Boot Shop, Detroit.

  • Women's dark brown satin pumps from the 1920s

    A pair of woman's dark brown satin pumps, with a band of light brown satin that runs across top of shoes and down each side. The front flaps are covered with large steel bead buckles on front. 2 1/2" high heel. Label inside B. Siegel and Co., Detroit.

  • Women's gray kid high laced shoes from the 1920s

    Woman's gray kid high laced shoes. Chunky heels. Label: Wm. E. Hintz, 1520 Broadway, Detroit, Mich. Hintz was listed as a custom shoemaker in the 1923 City directory. Came with gray moire "toe-fillers" to keep the shoe in shape. One gray moire zipper shoe bag with black silk separator for each shoe. Note: Broadway St. was called Miami until 1907. In 1920 all street numbers in the city were changed, and 1520 was among those new numbers.

  • Women's ivory brocade pumps from the 1920s

    A pair of woman's ivory brocade pumps with woven leaf design in silver metallic thread. Silver leather straps fasten across the instep with rhinestone studded buckle. The shoes have a moderately round toe, and a 2 1/2" high heel. Marked Hudson's Detroit on inside.