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  • Frosh Basketball 1934-1935. Won 26 games, lost none.

    Back: H. Chudy, D. MacKercher, L. Gados, E. Carpenter, B. Giesey, D. Kelly, J. Rosati (Mgr.). Front: D. Beaudry, C. Kwasikowski, C. Bayer, M. McIlroy, G. Burgen, J.L. Cooper, N.G. Wann (Coach).

  • Hockey 1934-1935.

    Back: Erlich, Yankowski, Scwartz, Bashur, Schreiber, Forrest, Newstead, Cassin. Front: J. Tompkins (Coach), R. Sepala, Schwope, Morton, J. Kuhn, M. Robertson, A. Widlak, B. Peckham.

  • Varsity Basketball 1934-1935.

    Top: N.H. Ertell (Coach), H. Friedman, W. Warren, W. Barth, J. Mathys, R. Brownell, R. Hammer, E. Stefani (Mgr.), R. Zeigler (Asst. Mgr.). Bottom: H. Berris, L. Tigay, M. Sapala, H. Pavsner, C. Ditkoff (Capt.), F. Bens, R. Roth, J. Demaree, B. Schenck.

  • Three basketball players, numbers 18, 10, and 17, practice.

    Walter P. Reuther Library, Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs, Wayne State University