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  • College of the City of Detroit track 1928-1929.

    Back: D.L. Holmes (Coach), Green, Hickman, Silber, Lewis, Lowenstein, Spathelf, Langs, Streng, Lantry, Beauvais, DeRose (Mgr.). Front: Cutler, Wainer, Sabin, Nosanchuk, Weiswasser, Josselson, Duncan.

  • A portrait of the basketball team.

    Back row: Marshall, Crane, Schwetzer, Pollakowski. Front row: Wenzel, Wachter, Evans (Captain), Sieger, D.L. Holmes (Coach).

  • A portrait of the Freshmen Basketball team from Detroit Junior College.

    Walter P. Reuther Library, Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs, Wayne State University

  • 27 '28 D Confernce Champs. "Point-a-Minute."

    1927-1928 City College basketball team. Won 18, lost 1 (to Manhattan in NYC 34-30). Scored 753 points. Called by some sports writers best team in University's. Gunn led University's. Collegiate scorers. Back: Summan (Manager), Wenzel, Faufman, Gunn, Minton, Fead (Asst. Manager). Front: Cohen, Evans, Schechter (Captain), Tennenbaum (Mascot), Wachter, D.L. Holmes (Coach).

  • Track Team 1928.

    Back: Speck, Voelker. Fourth: Stuart, Miehm, Weiswasser. Third: Bachmann (Mgr.), Wilkinson, Langtry, Kaufman, Wills, Beauvais, Averill, Annette (Mgr.). Second: Johansen, Lange, Nesanchuf, Young, Streng, Chapman, Spence (Cap't), Pauschert, Lowenstine, Silber, Green, Gooze. Front: Sabin, Sugar, Lewis, Spathelf.