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  • A portrait of the Intersorority Council.

    The sororities listed are: Alpha Sigma Tau; Alpha Theta Sigma; Delta Gamma Chi; Pi Kappa Sigma; Sigma Rho Chi; Sigma Sigma; Sigma Theta Delta; Zeta Chi. Names in portrait are: Front: Marvel Sullivan, Margaret Applegate, Elinor Katz; Second: Dorothy Schroeder, Martha White, Marjorie Lyon, Esta Seibert, Virginia Thornburg, Adelaide Thayer; Third: Ruth Malarney, Beth Proctor.

  • The 1936 Senior Board.

    1st Row: Marjorie Lyon, Eleanor Schwerak, Betty June Hardman, Gertrude Voellmig, Katherine Henig, Esther Marshall, Betty Harrington. 2nd Row: Barbara Moon, Jeanette Weller, Emily Gullen, Lucy Hicks, Sarah Austria, Kay Hoffman, Adelaide Thayer. 3rd Row: Ann Payor, Virginia Thornburg. Information includes Board's officers names and projects, such as collecting clothes for needy children at the Poe School, and a needy children's Christmas party.

  • A group portrait of Sigma Rho Chi Sorority members.

    Walter P. Reuther Library, Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs, Wayne State University