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  • Women's canvas bathing shoes from the early twentieth century

    A pair of woman's canvas bathing shoes covered with black sateen, and trimmed with a band of white leather around the top and down each side of front opening. The shoes are laced with round white cotton lace, and have canvas soles.

  • Women's gold kid pumps from the early twentieth century

    This pair of woman's gold kid pumps has a King Louis type heel, and a small gold kid bow on vamp. The shoes have a pointed toe, and a 2" heel. Label inside R.H. Fyfe Co., Detroit. Marked inside in ink A.1025. Used with gold kid compact #59.283.002

  • Women's black leather sport shoes from the early twentieth century

    Woman's black leather sport shoes. The low lace-up shoes have seven eyelets, a round toe, and a low heel. The sole is marked: Essex Shed-Wet. The tongue is marked in pen: B. Frederick, VZ, 6C. A similar pair is shown in the Ladies Home Journal, 1913. These shoes might have been worn with Women's Service Corps uniform .10.