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  • White silk and chiffon dress from the early twentieth century

    Woman's one piece dress in white silk and chiffon. The silk forms the body of the dress, and the chiffon is used for the collar, under-waist, and sleeves. The bodice, cummerbund, belt, cuffs, and skirt are embroidered with white silk floss, in a pattern of roses and butterflys. The bodice has a V-neck, and square collar, and the skirt has a peg top. Made by Detroit dressmaker Bertha Krenz.

  • Women's canvas bathing shoes from the early twentieth century

    A pair of woman's canvas bathing shoes covered with black sateen, and trimmed with a band of white leather around the top and down each side of front opening. The shoes are laced with round white cotton lace, and have canvas soles.

  • Navy crepe maternity dress from the early twentieth century

    This navy crepe women's maternity dress has long sleeves with cuffs, is gathered at the waist by an elastic and has navy blue floss embroidered trim. The top is collarless in front and has an 8" collar in back. The dress is fastened by several sets of hooks and eyes around the waist band. The ankle length skirt has a flying panel at the front attached to a yoke band, and the peplum is attached at the back. There is a 24" band around the waist which hooks under the flying panel in front.

  • Black crepe women's coat from the early twentieth century

    This black crepe, loose-fitting women's coat has a very wide black Persian lamb fur collar. The long, loose sleeves are heavily embroidered with flower and leaf patterns in rust, turquoise and gold metallic threads. The coat is fastened by one button at the center front and a snap at the throat. The lining is rust colored crepe. Label: "Importers, B. Siegel Co., Detroit, Mich."

  • Dress made of very sheer cloth from the early twentieth century

    Women's dress made of very sheer cloth that is loosely woven of fine, ecru-color thread. The bodice has a square neckline with a black velvet yoke. Its shoulders back and front center are embroidered with heavy black and white silk floss, with heavy white lace across shoulders. The bodice is gathered to the waist, and has long, loose sleeves whose cuffs are decorated with black velvet, black chiffon, and the same black and white embroidery. There are two velvet buttons on each sleeve. The lo…

  • Women's gold kid pumps from the early twentieth century

    This pair of woman's gold kid pumps has a King Louis type heel, and a small gold kid bow on vamp. The shoes have a pointed toe, and a 2" heel. Label inside R.H. Fyfe Co., Detroit. Marked inside in ink A.1025. Used with gold kid compact #59.283.002

  • Women's wine color, two piece wool suit from the early twentieth century

    Woman's wine color, two piece wool suit, having a three quarter length coat/jacket with a large square collar of wine velvet that is edged with black fur. The coat/jacket's sleeves are tightly fitted with wide cuffs of velvet and fur to match the collar. Additionally, the fitted coat/jacket has a loose flap-like peplum, and three pleats at each side of the waist. Dark, plain wood buttons are down the front of the jacket and serve as a decoration on the peplum, and at each side of the back. …

  • Women's navy and bright green satin suit from the early twentieth century

    Woman's navy and bright green satin suit. The jacket resembles a bolero over a blouse, and has a deep V-neck with a narrow collar. It also has three quarter length sleeves and is decorated with heavy embroidery. The skirt is "hobble" style. Label: J. Hock, Detroit.

  • Women's black leather sport shoes from the early twentieth century

    Woman's black leather sport shoes. The low lace-up shoes have seven eyelets, a round toe, and a low heel. The sole is marked: Essex Shed-Wet. The tongue is marked in pen: B. Frederick, VZ, 6C. A similar pair is shown in the Ladies Home Journal, 1913. These shoes might have been worn with Women's Service Corps uniform .10.