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  • A basketball player, #8.

    Walter P. Reuther Library, Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs, Wayne State University

  • Basketball 1938-1939. Won 13, lost 4.

    Back: J. Igrisan (Mgr), B. Kingery, G. Shultz, J. Garretson, G. Clayton (Co-Capt), H. McCarty, J. Rice, N.H. Ertell (Coach). Front: R. Roth, B. Grace, S.Staryk, J. Patterson, J.L. Cooper, J. Sevick.

  • Basketball 1938-1939.

    Back: N. Ertell (Coach), S. Staryk, I. Blemenfield, H. McCarty, G. Clayton (Co-Capt), J. Garrenson, W. Beckenaur/Beckenmaur, M. Levetsky. Front; J. Cooper, H. Berris, L. Tigay (Co-Capt), G. Burgin, C. Kwasiborski, R. Roth.