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  • Herman Miller Vanity

    This Vanity, in the collection of the Newark Museum, consists of an asymmetrical carcase consisting of a plain veneered box with space for knees. The back panel is inlaid with vertical stripes contrasting with dark grain of rosewood. On the sinister side are three suspended bow-fronted laminated veneered drawers, each with a circular concave mat brass pull. These drawers are centered on the sinister upright, and seem to float suspended about the floor. The Body has a deep glass shelf beh…

  • The 1937-1938-1939 tennis Squad. Won 60, lost 4 over the three years.

    W. Maul, S. Rotberg, M. Swetina, P. Kondrasky, R. Balow (Capt 1937), J. Rice, I. Blumenfeld, J. Schesinger (Capt 1939), F. Winton (Capt 1938), and Norman G. Wann (Coach).