• Sleeveless Lace Cocktail Dress, 1953-1956

    Sleeveless dress of navy blue machine lace over navy organza and navy taffeta. Scooped neckline. Lace skirt stiffened with horsehair and taffeta. Seam at waistline. Taffeta petticoat is separate but snaps onto dress. Separate contour self-fabric belt. Clothing label: BALENCIAGA/10 AVENUE GEORGE V/PARIS. The use of lace was much favored by Balenciaga.

  • Two Piece Blue Linen Suit, 1953-1954

    Medium-blue linen suit. Very little shaping to jacket; curved seams in front and back. Six-button front closure with 3/4-length sleeves, small cuffs and collar. Jacket is weighted. Sheath skirt has separate blue China silk petticoat. Clothing label: BALENCIAGA/10 AVENUE GEORGE V/PARIS. Handwritten on tag sewn on back of label: 45 121. A designer sample of this suit is worn by a Balenciaga mannequin in a 1956 photo. The Henry Ford also owns a design drawing of this suit.