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  • White Satin Ball Gown with Heavily Beaded Bodice, 1955

    Powdery-blue or blue-grey satin evening gown. Floral embroidery of silver, pink and blue-grey colored metallic threads (some appear to be tarnished silver, others may be synthetic) decorated with iridescent rhinestones and tiny sequins. Embroidery diminishes towards bottom of dress; no embroidery at hemline. Skirt smooth and curved in front, gathered in back. At center-back waistline is a large asymmetrical vertical bow with attached sash. Corselet inside of bodice. Bodice stiffened with white c…

  • Fuschia Silk Chiffon Evening Dress, 1953-1955

    Fuschia silk chiffon floor-length evening dress. Horizontal tucks in front become vertical in back. Loose, floating panels hang from waistline. This garment was owned by Mrs. Harvey Firestone of Detroit, Michigan.The floating panels would have looked fabulous as Mrs. Firestone danced. She liked this gown very much and had one made in white chiffon as well.

  • Embroidered Cotton Organdy Dress with Stole, 1955

    White cotton organdy gown with floral pattern embroidery. Embroidery includes white raffia, silver threads, silver beads, white horsehair, pearl-like sequins, silk(?) flower petals. Embroidery on bodice and wide band at the hem of the skirt. Underneath top layer is one layer of organdy, one layer of nylon stiffened with horsehair, two layers of white nylon net, and white silk slip. Matching wrap is large and oblong with same embroidery and triple scalloped end. Clothing label: PRINTEMPS-ETE 1955…