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  • A portrait of the 1958-1959 basketball team.

    Walter P. Reuther Library, Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs, Wayne State University

  • Portrait of the 1958-1959 basketball team.

    Front: Gordon W. Autio, Robert E. Brantley, Donald Fears, Neale A. Murray, Anderson Gilmer, Alvin A. Delidow, Carl A. Suriano. Second: Richard O. Ladson, Bernd K.L. Klopfer, M. Bennett Wolfe, Roy A. Allen, Norman D. Moseley, Richard A. Swanson, Arlen R. Hughes. Third: Frank McBride (coach), Johnson McKinney, Eugene P. Pash, Dale Mandrell, Donald Kaump, Thomas A. Washington, Fred Delcomyn, Robert L. Holmes, Hartford Smith (Mgr.). Absent: Lynn A. Holmes, Charles R. Marble, Frederick V. Minkow, Sam…