• Dress, 1855-1865

    This dress appears to have been remade in order to incorporate late 1860s fashion. The sleeves suggest the 1860s; the skirt appears to have been remade, and pleated instead of gauged. The dress is pieced to make up the yardage, but in a very deliberate mirror image on each side to make it less noticeable.

  • Black wool riding habit from the nineteenth century

    This woman's black wool riding habit has a fitted jacket (a) with a stand-up collar and a cloth ruffle showing above the top. It has sloping shoulders, and long, tight sleeves. It buttons down the front, and is cut-away with a short tail in the back. The skirt (b) is very long and full, and is gathered at the waist in large pleats. It has a black cloth waistband. The black felt hat (c) has a round crown with a narrow visor in the front. It has a band of black grosgrain ribbon, and is lined wit…