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  • Beaded and Embroidered Georgette Evening Dress, 1928-1929

    Pink georgette dress embroidered with aqua and silver bugle beads and rhinestones. Rhinestone bow at base of V-shaped neckline. Dropped waistline and uneven scalloped hemline. Very deep, curved V-shaped neckline in back. This dress is not labeled, but the design suggests that it might be a Peggy Hoyt.

  • Beaded Silk Chiffon Evening Dress, about 1924

    Off-white silk chiffon dress. Sleeveless, with V-neckline in front and back. Scattered rhinestones on upper portion. Center/waistline embroidered in floral pattern with silver sequins, silver bugle beads, silver threads, silver spherical beads, rhinestones. Between embroidery and hem are seven rows of diagonally-applied silver beaded fringe. Hemline edged with rhinestones and silver beads. Clothing label: Deneke/Akron, O.