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  • Florence Nightingale Collection - Letters to James George Fife

    In this lesson, students will examine the collection of letters sent by Florence Nightingale to James George Fife, a Royal Engineer working on Indian irrigation systems. The letters reveal the deep concern for the Indian people that Nightingale possessed and the policies the British government used when dealing with colonial affairs. Across a series of activities and tasks, the students will develop an argument on the feelings and treatment of colonial citizens and culminate the lesson by creati…

  • Florence Nightingale Collection - Personal Correspondence Classroom Activity

    This collection of letters shows Nightingale's concerns and her challenges with developing policies that would be beneficial to the poor and sick. Nightingale's primary concern here is sanitation and the care of wounded soldiers. The letters also contain a peek into Nightingale's private life, describing her views on poetry, plants, and her love of the countryside. Across a series of activities and tasks, students will use the letters as a catalyst to respond to domestic issues and politics duri…