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  • Herman Miller 66306 Chair

    This Side Chair, in the collection of the Grand Rapids Art Museum, consists of a molded plastic shell which sits on a polished aluminum base with four legs. The shell is padded and covered with green vinyl upholstery and edged with black vinyl. This object was designed for Braniff Airlines lobby and has a price history of $144 to $153. Herman Miller Trade Name: 66306 Chair Herman Miller Series: The Girard Group Product Number: 66353

  • Herman Miller Upholstered Wire Chair

    The two-piece blue leather upholstery pad reveals the basic black wire shell of this dining or desk chair, in the collection of The Henry Ford. The upholstery is padded with jute. [Source: 1954 Herman Miller, Inc. Trade Catalog. ] See also, HMC. 198 which is housed at the Atlanta History Center. HMC. 198 is a match for this piece. Price History: 1955: $ 47. 00 (Trade Catalog 89. 177. 694) 1965: $ 74. 00 include fabric (Trade Catalog 89. 177. 717)He…

  • Herman Miller Zenaloy Chair

    This Molded Plastic Armchair, in the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, consists of a parchment molded fiberglass shell which sits on a bright zinc wire base. Herman Miller Trade Name: Zenaloy Chair Herman Miller Series: Molded Plastic Armchairs Product Number: LAR