Michigan Theater; Interiors


Interior view of the 4-story lobby at the Michigan Theater on Bagley Street in Detroit, Michigan. The theater opened in 1925 and closed in 1976. "The 4,038-seat Michigan Theatre was the only theater by famous Chicago architects Rapp & Rapp in the city of Detroit ... the theater was connected to the Bagley Avenue Building (now called the Michigan Building), the theater was extremely detailed, from its auditorium to its four-story lobby, complete with columns, paintings and sculptures imported from Europe ... the theater had to be carved into a parking garage because studies on the building showed it would endanger the soundness of the adjoining office building, because of this, much of the theater remains today, such as its ticket booth, four-story lobby, proscenium arch, part of the upper balcony, and even the red curtain," from The Buildings of Detroit website.

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