Parks;Zoo; Railroad; Locomotive rebuilt by Chrysler . W. E. Scripps, Fred Zeder, K. T. Keller.


K.T. Keller, Fred Zeder and William E. Scripps examine the miniature locomotive built by Chrysler and donated to the Detroit Zoo by the Detroit News. "In 1931 a miniature railway system was donated to the zoo by The Detroit News. William Scripps, president of The Detroit News, made the presentation on opening day and took the first ride, the fare was a nickel, with any profits to be used to maintain the system, as popular as it was, problems also rode the rails: the train often ran off the tracks, when it did, passengers got their nickels back, nearby residents complained of the noise and at one point the train ran on rubber wheels," from Detroit News article, "How the Detroit Zoo's first day was almost its last," by Kay Houston.

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