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University of Michigan(?) marching band stands in formation on the field of the University of Michigan's new football stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the seats are filled with spectators. "In the early 1920s, Fielding Yost formed a vision that would become Michigan Stadium. With winning teams and large fan turnouts, Yost realized the need for a larger football stadium. He asked for the Regents' approval, but considering the 1921 expansion of Ferry Field, they were hesitant to move forward with a new stadium. With Yost's dogged perseverance, they finally approved it on April 22, 1926. Fashioned after the Yale Bowl, 440 tons of reinforcing steel and 31,000 square feet of wire mesh went into the building of the 44-section, 72-row, 72,000-seat stadium at a cost of $950,000. As the stadium neared completion, Yost requested an additional 10,000 temporary seats for the concourse. This request was passed, and Michigan Stadium opened at the corner of Main Street and Stadium Boulevard with a capacity of 84,401--the largest college owned stadium of any team in the nation," from the University of Michigan's MGoBlue website.

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