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Ford Motor Co. ; employees. strikes; 1941.


Violence erupts between auto workers during the strike against Ford Motor Company. "On April 1, 1941, Ford fired eight workers at the Ford plant for union activity, word spread throughout the Ford empire, and slowly 50,000 workers stopped working, the first Ford strike had begun, on April 10, Henry Ford reluctantly agreed to permit a vote on the union issue, the workers voted overwhelmingly for a union, the UAW drew up an agreement setting the conditions between workers and the company, but Ford refused to sign, finally, Mrs. Ford stepped in, tired of all the fighting and turmoil, she told her husband to sign the agreement or she would leave him, Ford realized that his stubbornness would cost him a lot more than money, Ford and the workers signed the agreement and the triumphant Ford employees returned to work," from Great Auto Makers and Their Cars, by Bob Italia.

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