Strikes; Meat; Hamtramck


Group of primarily women and children stand in front of a restaurant in Hamtramck, Michigan, with banners and picket signs, some reading, "Join the fight for a 20% reduction in meat prices" and "Strike, 20% reduction in meat prices." "On July 27, 1935, Polish and Black housewives began to picket Hamtramck butcher shops, carrying signs demanding a 20 percent price cut throughout the city and an end to price gouging in Black neighborhoods, when men, taunted by onlookers who accused them of being "scared by a few women," attempted to cross the lines, they were "seized by the pickets...their faces slapped, their hair pulled and their packages confiscated...a few were knocked down and trampled," that night Hamtramck butchers reported unhappily that the boycott had been 95 percent effective," from U.S. Women in Struggle: A Feminist Studies Anthology, by Claire Goldberg Moses and Heidi I. Hartmann.

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