Strikes; Dodge Motor Car Company; Detroit. -Crowd at Dodge Plant Strike


Men gather outside the Dodge plant in Detroit, Michigan during sit-down strike, one man stands next to a picket sign which reads, Welcome sheriff, we are here to stay." "...the Chrysler strike lacked the fireworks of Flint, planning for it was so open that even corporation officials knew when and where the strike would begin, but they also knew they could do nothing to prevent it, when Dick Frankensteen phoned John Zaremba inside the Dodge Main plant with the order to launch the strike, Zaremba raised his hand in an arranged signal and the shop stewards shut down the plant, within five minutes not a machine or assembly line stirred, again a substantial minority, acting with the sympathy and passive support of the majority halted the operations of one of the industry's giants, perhaps as many as 15,000 of Chrysler's workforce of 67,000 were UAW members when the strike began and about 6,000 were active strike participants," from "American Vanguard: The United Auto Workers During the Reuther Years, 1935-1970," by John Barnard.

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