Deutsches Haus; Interior & Exterior. Views of Club House.


Exterior view of the Deutsches Haus, a German-American cultural center in Detroit, Michigan. "During the decade following World War I, the leadership of numerous German Societies existing in the Detroit area recognized the need to preserve the culture and traditions of their homeland. Groups such as German American Press Club, United Singers of Detroit and the Arbeiter Verein built the first Deutsches Haus in 1928, located on the corner of Mack and Maxwell. During the prohibition era, newspaper stories of the time guessed that it may have operated as a blind pig; during one state police raid, Detroit Mayor John Smith, Congressman Robert Clancy and Sheriff Edward Stein were some of those arrested. The building was lost during the Depression years, and as World War II started, active German groups became almost nonexistent," from the German-American Cultural Center Online.

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