Herman Miller Zenaloy Chair


This zenaloy-plastic armshell chair, in the collection of The Henry Ford, is constructed by molding a thermosetting resin reinforced with gray glass fibers. The metal base is made of bent aluminum wire and is attached to the shell with rubber shock mounts. Embossed on the bottom with Herman Miller Logo and Patent Label. This particular chair is designed as a low-low chair, meaning it is the lowest and lightest of all molded plastic chairs according to a 1952 Herman Miller Trade Catalog. It is also known as the "cat in the cradle" wire shell chair. [Source: 1952 Herman Miller, Inc. Trade Catalog] Price History: 1952: $ 30. 00 (Trade Cat. 89. 177. 690) 1965: $ 24. 00 (Trade Cat. 89. 177. 717)Herman Miller Trade Name: Zenaloy Chair Herman Miller Series: Molded Plastic Armchair Product Number: LAR

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