Herman Miller Vanity Base and Mirror


This Vanity, in the collection of the Newark Museum, consists of a dressing table carcase of rectangular form with slightly concave recessed top. The table is raised on two tapered slap legs and made of medium brown wood. There are three graduated drawers on each side of the central knee opening that have pale blond horizontal striped handles. One drawer has a label on the inside which reads "Made by Herman Miller Furniture Co. Original Rohde Design Zeeland Michigan". The object is finished off with a square mirror with blond moldings framing the glass. Stenciled on the back in black are the numbers 3930 which indicates the year of design to be 1939. Based on Trade Catalogue information, the original price of the vanity was $29. 00 and the mirror was $7. 00. The mirror originally intended to hang separately on wall above, whereas this example has been modified to attach directly to the back of the vanity. Herman Miller Trade Name: Vanity Base and Mirror Herman Miller Series: 3930 Bedroom Group Product Number: 3930

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