Herman Miller Drawer Frame ; Shelf Frame


This Drawer Frame, in the collection of the Public Museum of Grand Rapids, is a prototype which consists of two molded plastic pieces, two wooden pieces, and one vinyl coated metal piece. Co-Struc is a system of containers, frames, carts, and rails. They are lightweight, washable, sanitizable, self-extinguishing, self-stacking, and self-hanging and can be used in hospitals, laboratories and other health care facilities where these features are desirable. The system was developed by the Herman Miller Research Corporation, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The parts are modular and inter-changeable, configured without the use of special tools. Materials include injection molded polyphenyline oxide, compression molded sheet molding compound, extruded polyvinyl chloride, sheet steel with baked enamel finish, injection molded polypropelene, vacuum formed polyallomer, injection molded polycarbonate, steel, and cast aluminum. Herman Miller Series: Co-Struc Frames

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