Herman Miller Molded Plywood Folding Screen


This Molded Wood Screen, in the collection of the High Museum of Art, is constructed of molded plywood panels with a walnut veneer. The panel connectors and canvas are off white in color. This piece is decorative both in its form and in its use of rare and interesting woods. It folds to a slim compactness for storage when not in use. [Source: ca. 1948 Herman Miller, Inc. Trade Catalog. ]This product was first manufactured in 1946 by Evans Products. Herman Miller later became the distributor, and then the manufacturer. Price History" 1947: $ 25. 00 (Trade Catalog 89. 177. 688) 1955: $ 124. 00 (Trade Catalog 89. 177. 694)Herman Miller Trade Name: Molded Plywood Folding Screen Product Number: FSW 6

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