Herman Miller Eames Chaise


This Eames Chaise, in the collection of the Dallas Museum of Art, consists of six cushions which connect to each other and to the frame with zippers. The cushions are covered with original aucht black leather. Two loose small pillows are supplied with the unit. Frames are eggplant nylon coated aluminum with fiberthin stretched over the frame (which is black rubber stretched cushion support and black metal base frame) as the supportive member for the cushions. [SOURCE: 1968 Herman Miller Inc. Trade Catalog. ]This piece is a supportive unit created for resting. It was designed for Hollywood film director, Billy Wilder. Price History: 1968: $ 600. 00 (SOURCE: Trade Catalog 89. 177. 726)Herman Miller Trade Name: Eames Chaise Herman Miller Series: Lounge Seating Product Number: ES 106

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