Herman Miller Eames Upholstered Chair


These Side Chairs, in the collection of The Henry Ford, are made of a black and white girard check padded upholstery (nilo 95) with black vinyl edge and white plastic backs that covers the seat and back rest. The base consists of a frame and four legs made of polished chrome plate and white nylon glides. black rubber mounts are attached to the frame as well. These pieces are also referred to as Eames One Twenty Seven Chairs. Price History: 1970: $31. 00 (nilo); $ 32. 00 (naug); $ 36. 00 (hopsk) [Product Literature 89. 177. 975] 1989: $274. 00-$ 334. 00 according to upholstery [Product Literature 89. 177. 70]Herman Miller Trade Name: Eames Upholstered Chair Product Number: EC 127

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