Herman Miller Molded Plywood Chair


According to the 1954 Herman Miller Trade Catalog, this is "America's most favorite modern chair. " It has a molded plywood seat and back with a burled ash veneer over the backrest. The frame, legs and glides are all metal. The electronically welded rubber shock mounts permit a slight flux to conform with changes in position. [Source: 1954 Herman Miller, Inc. Trade Catalog] Prior to The Henry Ford's acquirement of this chair, Herman Miller, Inc. acquired it from Hugh Depree, Herman Miller CEO and founder's son. Price History: 1947: $ 16. 25 (Trade Catalog 89. 177. 688) 1989: $ 201. 00 (Trade Catalog 91. 131. 70) Was still in production in 1991. Herman Miller Trade Name: Molded Plywood Chair Herman Miller Series: Eames Chair Product Number: DCM

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